In 1954, Holger Andreasen began trading with X-ray units. The units were named ANDREX, a name which referred to his last name ANDREasen and to X-ray. Aage Andreasen won a large order for 25 units of 160 kV for the United States Air Force and opened a small factory at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. In 1955, the first real ANDREX portable X-ray system was released.

Over the following years the factory in Copenhagen was enlarged and more employees were recruited as production and sales grew at a steady pace. More than 30 types of tubes from 80 kV to 300 kV and over 20 different control units were developed.

In 1962, it was necessary to find a new location for the factory. It so happened that the old tobacco company C.W.Obel was moving, and Halfdansgade 8 became the address for manufacturing of portable X-ray system over the following years.

In 1970 the first line of mobile X-ray products was manufactured in Copenhagen.