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Learn all about the Comet X-ray FXE microfocus open nano focus and micro focus products

The quest for increased speed and higher resolution has a downside: To maximize throughput, you want to operate above the specified service temperature, but in turn, using high power densities accelerates damage to both filaments and targets. With the FXE module, it is possible to balance the advantage of speed with the low-cost replacement of inexpensive components.

“You’ll never have to worry about running the tube at its limit because the FXE’s modular design facilitates quick replacement of wear parts - making the FXE’s total ownership cost among the lowest in its class.”    
Dirk Schneider, Product Manager Microfocus.

Product Manager Dirk Schneider and Market Segment Manager Anthony Williams will discuss the features of the nano focus and microfocus modules and explain the user benefits and competitive advantages of the FXE modules.

Nanofocus Resolution
Miniscule focal spots in the sub-micrometer range allow to resolve even finest details and obtain clear images. 

Optimal contrast - True X-ray Intensity 
TXI helps deliver constant picture contrast by controlling the electron current on the target.


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