CASE STORY - Maximum uptime with Applus+ RTD

By David Campos / November 18, 2019

Applus+ RTD was founded in 1937 and has since grown to be one of the largest inspection companies globally. With more than 12,500 specialized employees they provide testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services to the energy sector and associated industries.

Mr. Eric Vogel is the head of electronic engineering and has been with Applus+ RTD since 1996. He started as an airplane technician and has always worked with X-ray and non-destructive testing.
Mr. Frans Sprenger is a service engineer who has been with Applus+ RTD for 39 years. He has always worked in the service department, ensuring that the systems are up and running and ready for field inspection. 

Both Eric and Frans years ago started working with the Andrex CMA, the Y.SMART, and then moved on to the PXS EVO.

While in Copenhagen attending a PXS EVO service course, Eric and Frans shared their thoughts on service. “Our inspectors work in the field, and the guys are pretty rough on the equipment - therefore, the robustness of the systems is very important to us. Sometimes the EVO’s need service, and it’s our responsibility to get the systems back to the inspectors as soon as possible.”

“The service functionality of the CONTROL EVO has dramatically improved our ability to get a downed system up and running quickly. You can make a diagnostic report, send it to the engineers in Copenhagen, and they will analyze it and come back with a solution. The response time is hugely important, and it gives us a big advantage. The EVO repair value chain is working smoothly; it’s easy to make diagnostics locally, and then order parts and install them yourself. That means I can fulfill my responsibility by getting the system back to the inspectors quickly.”

“With that said, I still believe that service is all about trust and communication. Communication is the most crucial part of service, and the dialogue with the office in Copenhagen is excellent.” Eric elaborates: “my opinion is that the facility in Copenhagen is organized, structured and quick to respond. For me, that’s what counts. Excellent communication builds trust - and trust is the foundation of all relationships.”


Case story

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