CASE STORY - Global security with Mircea Tudor

By David Campos / February 03, 2020

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech design and manufacture state-of-the-art tailored inspection scanners. They have a broad focus ranging from civil- and commercial aviation to private transportation and maritime logistics.  

In an era of increased security activities globally, safety professionals need fast and reliable high-tech systems and efficient measures to address this new global environment. One of these systems is the OCV car scanning portal. 

Doru Munteanu has been working at Mircea Tudor Scan Tech since 2010, as design and testing engineer in the position of Research and Development Manager. Christian Olteanu has been with the company for eight years as a Service Technician. 

The OCV car scanning portal, with an EVO system as the integrated X-ray source, can scan 400 vehicles per hour, aiding operators, while generating a low, safe dose of radiation, searching for contraband, weapons, explosives, and more. The scanning process is fast and produces high-resolution details of the scanned parts. ”The EVO X-ray system fits perfectly in every way,” explains Doru.  

Christian: “The EVO is a very, very stable X-ray source.” Doru adds: “And it supplies ample penetration for the application - it’s very effective. It’s important because the stability of components is critical for a system integrator like us. If one critical component fails, the whole system fails.” 

Doru elaborates: “The EVO fits hand in glove with our system concept. The compact size and self-cooling of the EVO system are also essential to the integration into our car scanning system. The EVO system is integrated into the top view of the OCV, and because of the compact design and low weight of the EVO, the movable structure can easily support the integration.”


Case story

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