Your project is unique, but our goal is always the same: To create solutions that generate real value for every customer, with an individually optimized price-performance ratio. With over 70 years in X-ray technology, we know that there’s only one way to deliver a commercially viable tailor-made product: at your side, using our experience to guide you through every stage of the journey. 

You’ll be introduced to a team of experts including sales, engineering, and product management: specialists who know your market and are experienced in your application area. Together, we’ll fine-tune what specific requirements and preferences your project demands. With these specifications in mind, we’ll tailor the most realistic and best possible solution for your individual application. 

We have the ability to act quickly and shape tailor-made solutions for a timely delivery. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing processes, we can produce X-ray inserts and tubes in various shapes, forms, or energy levels. Our know-how guarantees unique product quality on the critical components of your X-ray tube or module. And, depending on the best match for your application, you also benefit from the largest range of off-the-shelf standard X-ray tubes available in the industry. 

It’s not just our expertise, capabilities, and passion for state-of-the-art X-ray technology that we bring to the table. We also bring a finely-tuned commercial approach: For tailor-made products, we work closely with our partners to define a manageable plan to cover the development costs. We deliver a fully functional solution, and our efficient product-to-market approach reduces your risk of wasted time. 

COMET is a one-stop shop, which gives you significant logistical advantages: With one single company to provide everything you need, from design to development, rapid prototyping, and production of X-ray tubes and sources, you spend less time getting your products to market.
Because we produce all components at our manufacturing facilities, we can guarantee the consistent quality of our products – and you always get exactly what you expect. With shorter lead times and the ability to quickly reprioritize, we can steer our production processes to encompass rush jobs for time-sensitive projects.
For larger production runs, our ability to create uniformity and reproducible products is second to none.

We are also with you when you have commissioned your system: With comprehensive service and support and quick and easy replacement of repair parts, you get fast problem resolutions and less downtime. Contact us here.