FXE 190 nano CT

With its internal cooling, focal spot drift is minimal in the 190 kV nanofocus tube; thus, the time from startup to stable operation is significantly reduced. Combined with the advanced beam stabilization TXI (True X-ray Intensity), the FXE module delivers constant picture contrast, resulting in a flicker-free acquisition.

The FXE 190 features a 15 W high-power transmission target, making the module a highly resolving X-ray source that enables quick image acquisition at high magnification. The high-resolution target achieves the identification and measurement of features less than 0.6 µm. 

Our modular design facilitates the quick replacement of critical parts, making the FXE’s total cost of ownership among the lowest in its class. You’ll never have to worry about running the tube at its limit, as you can always replace the wear-parts; the tube is designed to last well beyond the expected life cycle of any systems it’s integrated into. 

Benefit from the stability, brightness, and sharpness of our FXE 190 module by combining it with a high-performing X-ray detector to experience superior image quality and in-depth nanoscale analysis.

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