ION 300F

Excellent technical capabilities

The ION 300F X-ray system is precise and accurate, with optimized X-ray beam geometry tailored for scanning applications. It is equipped with a high-quality metal ceramic X-ray insert ensuring accuracy and extended product lifetime. The ION 300F fan beam system is available as an air-cooled or combined air/water-cooled version, making it ideal for a range of climatic environments.

Compact and low-weight

The ION 300F X-ray system is compact and low-weight, with a separate tube head and control unit, and it can be mounted in any orientation, making it easy to integrate. Its alignment features ensure smooth and precise alignment with other system components, and the built-in safety setup supports easy integration into any overall system safety concept. The ION tube head and control unit modules can be exchanged without the need for specialized training, thus ensuring maximum uptime. 

Reproducibility and constant kV levels

The ION 300F X-ray system delivers speed, accuracy, and reproducibility, critical parameters for scanning applications for imaging and material discrimination. The system's temperature compensation ensures that kV levels are within the specification for the ambient temperature range. The ramp-up to maximum kV in 1 second increases overall system efficiency during cyclic operation.

ION 300F is the first in the ION series scheduled for customized deliveries. If the ION's product specifications have piqued your interest, please contact our sales organization.
You can read more about our customization process here

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