The iVario generator can be controlled by the 19” external controller, which communication is based on Ethernet Protocol. It comprises a touchscreen panel, key switch, buttons, and lamps, as well as a rotary knob. An optional emergency stop can be incorporated into the controller. The iVario controller enables easy access to all parameters of the iXRS, allowing for smooth operation.

  • Adjust settings using either with the rotary knob or the touchscreen
  • On-screen visualization of the tube power-curves by the software 
  • Define and store receipts 
  • The fully configurable lights and emergency stop
  • Up to 100 m cable allowing for flexibility in integration
  • Multiple user presettings can be defined and stored
  • The controller is highly versatile since the same software is used for computer and controller
  • 19” rack compatibility with the XRP
  • Multilanguage operation