Our coolers and chillers offer an optimal temperature stabilization and precise temperature control; they are self-contained units that re-circulate coolant to a predefined setpoint temperature.

Our cooling systems dissipate a large amount of heat generated by the densely packed electronics in an industrial X-ray system, providing a reliable operation and less maintenance.

  • The cooling unit XRC 4523 OA serves for cooling the oil circulation system.
  • Oil circulates between the cooling unit and the heat source. The oil is re-cooled by an air-cooled heat exchanger.
  • The capacity of the cooling unit depends on the ambient temperature difference between the cooling water and the oil outlet temperature of the heat source.

Physical dimensions L: 778 mm W: 390 mm H 539 mm
Weight 53 kg w/o filling
Coolant capacity 12.5 l
Cooling capacity 4500 W (ΔT = 11°C)
Flow rate ≥ 14 l/min at 8 bar
Safety class IP21
Operational temperature - 10°C up to + 40°C
Maximum forward pressure 9.5 ± 0.2 bar
Flow switch open < 20.5 l/min
Flow switch close > 22 l/min