XRP 600

The XRP 600 generator is designed for all industrial X-ray applications, and it ensures stable and reliable performance.

The XRP 600 is ideal for both film and real-time applications. It combines perfectly with the unique MXR 601 HP 11 X-ray tube to our 600 kV X-ray module for the most demanding inspection tasks.

  • The rugged industrial design makes it perfect for factory applications.
  • The 600 kV enables fast penetration and short exposure times for dense and thick materials.
  • Automated arc detection and suppression thereby reduce the risk of data loss during long exposures.
  • An arc-resistant design increases efficiency.

With just one single point of contact, we are your one-stop-shop. As the only manufacturer of both X-ray tubes and generators, we supply all of the integrated components for your X-ray module, reducing the coordination work for your supply chain. To read about which X-ray tubes are compatible with this generator, click here

Voltage range 20 - 600 kV
Adjustment increments (minimum steps) 0.2 kV / step
Accuracy +/- 1% of output value +/- 0.2 kV
Reproducibility at constant temperature +/- 0.01% of maximum kV-value
Temperature induced drift 80 ppm / C°
Current range 0 - 10 mA
Maximum power 4500 W
Total weight (high voltage tank + control unit + power supply) 250 kg
HV connector type R30