iXRS 500HP/11


The iXRS-500HP/11 joins Comet's unique range of X-ray modules for non-destructive testing applications to increase your productivity. With the same space claim and weight as a standard 450 kV module, the new iXRS-500HP/11 provides significant benefits for your X-ray application.

The iXRS-500HP/11 gives you the same trusted output power of the HP/11 X-ray tube series with an extended high-voltage range providing you a 15% higher maximum dose rate. This enables a better signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for an improved digital imaging quality compared to standard 450 kV modules.

The stable performance allows for a broader range of scanning techniques in a multitude of applications, from 2D inspection to 3D additive parts, enabling a reliable inspection of high-density materials and large components.


With just one single point of contact, we are your one-stop-shop. As the only manufacturer of both X-ray tubes and generators, we supply all of the integrated components for your X-ray module, reducing the coordination work for your supply chain.

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