XPLORER 90 is the next-in-line development of the XPLORER Sealed MicroFocus product series alongside the variant XPLORER 90. If the product specifications pique your interest, please contact our sales team.  


At COMET we focus our talent and resources on creating brighter ways of exposing hidden worlds for our customers. The XPLORER range of sealed microfocus X-ray sources is the latest expression of our close accuracy, quality and reliability for high resolution imaging applications requiring sharpest images. The XPLORER 90 is designed for inline or conveyor belt use.

COMET is the global leader in the design and production of high-quality industrial metal-ceramic X-ray tubes. Stringent design and comprehensive tests ensure the best possible quality and the highest standards in the X-ray industry. The result is a uniform, reproducible output with minimal variation in focal spot or beam - and an additional life-time with a prolonged mean time between failure, benefiting your mission-critical application.

The XPLORER 90 has been designed for applications requiring small spot size, high magnification and stable output under continuous operation. Ideal for the inspection of batteries, Micro CT scanning of small objects and for checking the internal integrity of components. The XPLORER 90’s 12 mm spot-to-window spacing allows for high geometric magnification and high resolution.

COMET has the ability to act quickly and shape tailor-made solutions for a timely delivery. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing processes, we can produce X-ray inserts and tubes in various shapes, forms, or energy levels. Our know-how guarantees unique product quality on the critical components of your X-ray tube or module. And, depending on the best match for your application, you also benefit from the largest range of off-the-shelf standard X-ray tubes available in the industry. 

You can read more about our customization process here.  ​