X-ray technology is widely used in the global defense industry for inspection of airplanes, armored vehicles, and naval vessels.

Aside from these traditional applications, X-ray is used in the production of ordinance, as a measure of quality control, where ordinance like mines and artillery shells are inspected before leaving the production line.

  • Quality control of artillery shells and mines
  • Disposal of explosive ordinance - EOD
  • Inspection of body armor and helmets
  • Inspection of ammunition and engine parts

This X-ray technology is applied to the same objects after they are used in combat and battlefields around the world. Unexploded ordinance may be inspected and ultimately disposed of to return areas to a safe state. These types of applications demand a high level of precision, image quality, and maneuverability to make the operator’s job safe and efficient.

COMET X-ray inserts and tubes are well-suited for defense applications - either as a part of the iXRS 100 - 600 kV modules or as systems like the PXS EVO and Y.XMB series. The key is the right combination and configuration.

The PXS EVO series fits the multitude of challenges the defense industry faces. It can function with local power grids, as the 85 - 264 VAC mains support global operations. It’s robust, enables easy positioning, and produces the finest image quality.

COMET’s manufacturing structure means that we have a unique ability to create customized products. Whether we need to customize existing modules or create a new solution, we will ensure that you get the ideal solution for your application. You can read more about our customized solutions here.