X-ray technology is used by museums worldwide for art restoration and research, with excellent imaging results. It is an important tool for the authentication, restoration, screening, classification, and analysis of most kinds of artifacts, including paintings, fabrics, sculptures, and metal.

Valuable information about patterns or inscriptions can be gained from corroded metals that, in terms of restoration, have passed the point of no return.

Hidden or altered paintings covered by paintings of a more recent date can be identified and examined without even touching the surface. Hidden information in paintings can be rendered visible through their different chemical contents utilizing X-ray inspection methods.

The conservator is able to identify otherwise hidden damage and complex combinations of different materials and techniques before the restoration work begins.

  • Restoration of artifacts
  • Authentication of artifacts
  • Identification of watermarks

COMET X-ray inserts and tubes are well-suited for museum applications - either as a part of the iXRS 100 - 225 kV modules or as systems like the PXS EVO. The key is the right combination and configuration.

COMET’s manufacturing structure means that we have a unique ability to create customized products. Whether we need to customize existing modules or create a new solution, we will ensure that you get the ideal solution for your application. You can read more about our customized solutions here.