Welding is an essential part of most tasks in a shipyard during the construction of ships, tanks, miscellaneous vessels, offshore installations, and other large structures. In all of these jobs, the quality of each weld is critical.

The welds must be flawless; otherwise, it will directly impact the overall strength of the entire construction. If faulty welds are not detected, the outcome can be catastrophic and can result in the breakdown of products, financial losses, and environmental damage.
  • Identification of flaws in welds in tanks and vessels
  • Maintenance of pipes and valves
COMET X-ray inserts and tubes are well-suited for shipyard applications - as a part of systems like the PXS EVO series. The key is the right combination and configuration.
The inspected elements also vary in density, ranging from low-density aluminum structures on high-speed vessels to high-density steel constructions on offshore installations and circumferential welds on tanks and pipes. X-ray produces clear images of the weld seam in its entirety, and COMET manufactures the best portable and mobile X-ray inspection equipment on the market.

COMET’s manufacturing structure means that we have a unique ability to create customized products. Whether we need to customize existing modules or create a new solution, we will ensure that you get the ideal solution for your application. You can read more about our customized solutions here.